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Justin flicop 3 years ago
She's soo fucking hot I wish I could fuck her
bob 3 years ago
hmmm fake titties kinda turn me off
Sjwbsidks 3 years ago
She's too pretty for this
Arthurian Legend 3 years ago
She is hot, but bad at acting. Her “OMG” face is contrived. At the beginning, she puts her hands on his thighs to indicate, “please don’t put more than 2 inches of your tiny 5 inch dicklet into me. It’s just so overwhelming.” Pfft!
Jc211 3 years ago
You probably got a tiny dick if you talking about his size
3 years ago
God her boob job is horrible
3 years ago
Poor girl, dude has no dick.
Boi 3 years ago
This nigga got a small ass dick
3 years ago
I don’t think people realize, he’s not stopping cause he can’t stay hard. She says “you weren’t supposed to fuck me.” They do masturbation teases with each other all the time. And for the people saying he has a “little dick”, does it matter if he’s still the one fucking her?
She is so hot 3 years ago
Perfect cans and a great midrif. So perfect. I wood so love to be with her.